Communication cabinet installation, migration & relocation 

Your business will probably move, change or grow and your IT systems need to

move, change or grow with it. We ensure your systems aren’t holding you back by making the whole process smooth and seamless.  

Smart Data Optics provides a specialist communications cabinet service:

• Migration of communications cabinets and associated equipment within a site.

• Relocation of communications cabinets to a new site.

• Replacing and updating communications cabinets, rack mounted server cabinets and associated patch cable management.

• Audit of existing installations and complete a recommended reorganisation, rationalisation and tidy-up of equipment.

As with our structured cabling installations this all happens efficiently and to high standard. Your staff probably won’t even see our team, as we can operate out of hours or at weekends to ensure a seamless move or upgrade, with no compromise to data or voice activity. Meticulous patch labelling and port correlation ensures total accuracy and integrity to all this moving and changing activity.


Talk to the Smart Data Optics team about how we can help your business move, change or grow.